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Outdoor Clothing and Accessories

If you are planning an adventure in the great outdoors you will need to think about the clothing that you are going to take with you, baselayers and thermal tee shirts are everyday pieces of active clothing.

Tee shirts are available with a range of technical abilities depending on their style and the performance you want from them. Tee shirts are available in a range of fits from relaxed fit, to active fit and tight fit shirts for the more rigorous activities. Lightweight and breathable tee shirts

Many companies have a wide selection of tee shirts; some more fun with cool prints on and others that are more for sports and outdoor activities. Some of the most ideal tee shirts for outdoor use are relaxed fit and high-performance base layers.

The ideal activity tee shirts are ones that have been made with a high-wicking fabric – this is perfect for wicking away moisture from the body when on the move. High wicking fabric allows you to remain more comfortable for longer due to it ensuring that you remain cool and fresh.

Technical outdoor clothing is perfect for when you’re off mountain biking, running, or simply for use in the gym! Climate control tee shirts for when taking part in outdoor activities are even better if they have a form of UV protection – some climate control tee shirts can have a UV protection of up to 30+ making it ideal for running and mountain biking in warm climates and in the summer months. If you are not already you are sure to become a big fan of climate control tee shirts because they are practical for washing purposes too…the tee shirts dry quickly when washed as well as keeping you comfortable during prolonged activity.

Climate control tee shirts are lightweight so great for traveling too! Outdoor Accessories So…you’re thinking of heading outdoors to participate in outdoor activities? What activities are you doing and what should you take? Well if you’re planning on walking and hiking then there is an extensive range of accessories that may come into use when outdoors.

When you’re walking and hiking it makes sense to be well equipped whether it simply be with water bottles and walking poles or compasses and lanterns for the more experienced hikers. Drinks bottles and flasks Drinks bottles and flasks are absolutely vital for walks and hikes; considering that most of the time you are most likely to be in isolated areas you must remain hydrated! Drinks bottles come in a range of different sizes from 300ml to 500ml and 1-liter bottles.

Many flasks and bottles have karabiners attached to them allowing you to fasten your drinks bottle to the rucksack when on the move. Many drinks bottles are designed with various coatings preventing them from smashing and cracking when used outdoors. Of all the walking and hiking accessories that you may wish to buy we would definitely recommend a drinks bottle. The majority of drinks bottles and flasks will be suitable for hot and cold drinks – handy when you fancy a cup of coffee when you’re up in the hills!

Walking Poles Walking poles are pretty useful if you’re planning on rambling and hiking. Walking poles and hiking poles allow you to walk across varied and uneven terrain with support and stability should you find that you require it. Walking poles are pretty advanced these days; many walking poles have adjustable lengths and heights as well as have comfortable grips for added comfort.

CompassesFree Reprint Articles, lanterns, and torches If you’re a keen walker and hiker then you are probably familiar with the use of compasses and maps when on hiking and walking expeditions. They allow you to really get out there and explore different areas safely and with the comfort of not losing your way. There are some nifty compasses on sale these days so you should check out as many as you can. There are a number of great products out there that incorporate torches and compasses – these are always a great choice.

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